one more from sammys

they gave us free shirts!!!

one more from sammys roumanaian march 28th 2010

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Sammys Roumanian

Went to Sammys Roumanian steakhouse tonight with Bryan Randolph, Sarah Schor, Daniel Albrigo, Damion Ross, Eli Quinters, Stephanie Tamez, Virginia Elwood, Chisaki, Josh “bong hit” Harris, and James Motz. If you haven’t been there and you are either living in NYC or lanning a visit, it’s a must. Danny Love on keyboards, vodka in a block of ice, schmaltz, which is rendered chicken fat on the table as a condiment, it doesn’t get and better than that.

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Some of my art collection…..

Here are some paintings in my art collection…. More pics to come in another post…..

jondix banner from milano tattoo convention 2007

mark gonzales drawing i got from bobby worrest

bought in a market in south africa from a woman that offered to buy my girlfriend.

by hiroshi hirakawa, he is amazing, check out his link

steve byrne, he rules

nick colella, he rules too

rudy fritsch, this is one of my favorites

thomas hooper, from a few years ago, so good. congratulations on the new baby thomas and kimberly!!!

by grime

by robert ryan, this painting makes me feel so stoked

giant banner by rudy fritsch

the coolest surprise i have ever had, by hiroshi hirakawa

kyosai print from the late 1800’s

another by rudy fritsch, 2004

hand painted from tibet

late 1800’s lithograph on tin

more to come

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