I’ve loved skateboarding for what seems like my whole life. It is the reason I’m still alive today, without a doubt. Tattooing has been great to me, and I love it, traveling as well… But there is nothing that feels as good as skating with my bros, feeling like there wasn’t another person on earth besides us…. I guess I’ve been chasing the dragon like some kind of heroin guy or whatever with all the travels and tattoo stuff, just hoping that something will feel as great as those days…. No luck yet….. Anyway, if I break my arm, I can’t work, so skateboarding doesn’t happen much in real life for me anymore…. But, and if you know me, you know this is true, I still spend a lot of time lost in my mind skateboarding like it was 1992 everyday…… Tech decks are the best thing since the real thing.

To quote Adam Bolt, (him and Rob Vantol and Matt Hensley will always be my favorite skateboarders ever) ” I might not always skate, but I will always be a skateboarder. ”

backside tailslide

frontside nosebluntslide

frontside crooked grind

frontside noselide

backside lipslide

frontside tailslide

switch frontside noseslide

frontside nosegrind

forever and ever and ever

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  1. dude. such true words. its weird, from another corner of the world, and skating all my life till i basically destroyed my knee and had 2 x massive surgeries and cant skate anymore, can pump the mini every now and then. those where the (only) days.

    one spot to the next always on the search. and nothing in between mattered or actually ever happened.

    Stay True

  2. sick frontside

  3. This really hits home for me. I’ve been skating for about 12 years now and starting working in a shop about 4 years ago. slowly over about the first year of my apprenticeship i went from skating every day to skating about once a month. now that ive been tattooing for about 3 years i get to skate about once every 3 monthes. Skating is something I will always love and like you said I will always be a skateboarder even if Im not always skating.

  4. This has been the best thing I’ve read in years. Nothing has been able to replace those days for me either. I just look forward to one looking outside my window and watch my son do as I did so many years ago. The magic will live on.

  5. Sweet tricks !!

  6. I have been meaning to be the Danks Tatovering book, you like it?

    • yeah, its great. thumbs up!!

  7. haha so good!

  8. Dude,
    killer finger style on the back lip and the switch front nose skider. Its always been about the style for me.
    Roll 4 ever….

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